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Of prison islands & freedom

This article is fascinating. Please read it and tell me your thoughts? Mine under the cut.

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Some of you might not know this but despite working in human resources, I graduated with a degree in Quantity Surveying. That meant a matriculation in Architecture and despite a sad lack of talent in drawing, I loved the act of it. There's something very satisfying in the way the ink is absorbed by the paper, the fibres lending a texture that almost mimics reality.


Pictures courtesy of Architectural Media

Derwent pencils glides on smooth and lustrous, Daler-Rowney was a student's dream and Prismacolor markers were my bane and salvation in one. I wish I still had samples of what I did for Basic Design...

Print it in Moleskine MSK format

help_japan fanfic auction


Auctioning my meager fanficcing skills over at help_japan to raise money so please bid, either for myself or the other awesome, talented people who are offering! (Wait, that made me sound pretentious...)

My bid can be found here!

Love and mikan jelly,
Me ♥


Happy birthday to the darling extrafugly! Life gets tough sometimes but it's worth it! Be all that you can be, darling! Kisses!

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I got culture.

Really, I did.

A few weeks back when I was in Japan, moona told me that the Yoshida Brothers were going to be in town for the first time ever and naturally, with no hesitation, I said I'm in.

Just who are these talented duo?

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A chat last night with ssunssett plus finally reading my Smart Cookie's Guide to Making More Dough had me determined to wake up early(ish) and storm the nearby wet market for fresh, cheaper groceries than what Cold Storage can give me.

Not that I have anything against Cold Storage, mind you. Lovely place, with lovely imported selections guaranteed to dazzle you with bright, dazzling labels and prices that scoff at the concept of a budget. See? I told you I love Cold Storage.

Alas, I didn't manage to wake up with the rooster's crow (keeping in mind there's no rooster or live chicken anywhere near me) but 10am was pretty decent considering I slept at 2am. The book last night filled me with new-found strength to go (hush you) and it's off to the market!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

I've also been at myself to take more pictures of life around me but sadly, carrying bags of groceries makes snapping photos at the fishmonger an exercise in dexterity that I lack. I'll be sure to rectify it the next chance I get! Overall, MYR45 for one whole chicken, 1kg of minced chicken and 1kg of chicken fillet and only MYR69 for four silver pomfrets, 1kg of stingray and 1kg of red snapper. This is why we should go to the wet market more often, illegal parking aside.

So with fresh ingredients, I embark on a (hopefully will last longer than the previous one did) journey to make myself good, healthy food from the pitiful small list of food I can eat. Thank you, Mr. Chiropractor. I feel oodles better but I do miss eating eggs, potatoes, meat...but that's another story. On to my creation of a quick red snapper soup!

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[SECRET SANTA] All The Sins We've Suffered

Title: All The Sins We've Suffered
Pairings: JaeChun (main) / JaeHo / JaeChun
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Mainly sick & twisted. NOT happy reading before Xmas...
Genre: Angst / Dark / Horror / Hints of smut
A/N: Secret Santa fic for jaeyang09 . Probably not exactly what you were looking for but I...tried? =___= These fics started with Sins based off of a prompt given by rain_streaked ages ago & I decided to expand on it. All in all, 3 connected one-shots. Read Sins first, then Sins - The Before and then Sins - The After.
Summary: Jaejoong was made of sin, real and imagined.

( Sins )

Sins - The BeforeCollapse )


Sins - The AfterCollapse )


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[DL] THSK A-Nation '09 (HIJ SP) - DKWSNSD

Please say 'thanks' if taking. That's all I ask :)

The rest of the A-Nation 09 cuts will come soon. Purple Line and STW already uploaded.

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JYJ's New Album Showcase in Malaysia - The Beginning has ended and while I was initially having the blues due to the now lack of JJ in my life & utter exhaustion, I am grateful and happy. Because I met them. I met him.

My fanaccount for tonight's showcase (including a brief on SG's):

It was worth every damn penny and frustration (also, image-heavy!)Collapse )


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